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CP Feeds has a full supply of the plastic cover sheets needed to protect all sizes of bunker silos.  We offer a wide variety of sizes for both the Black and White 5 mm and Silostop options. Order now to reserve the sizes you need. 


Silostop products protect the value of your forage and feedstuffs, delivering benefits to your bottom line. All plastic covering is not created equal. Beyond what the naked eye can see, each plastic sheet is composed of a specific blend of ingredients.

We have been a Silostop distributer for 14 years. This product is the original silage protecting plastic film made to provide a superior oxygen barrier. As a distributer we recieve the plastic directly from the factory which equates to a more affordable price for you. As farms continue to grow, so do bunker silos. Silostop now comes in sizes as large as 88 feet.

Silostop’s specifically engineered oxygen barrier film products are made with a unique combination of quality ingredients and have been scientifically proven to protect forage and feedstuffs from oxygen – over 60 times more than standard plastic covers. Click here for more information.


Silostop Bale Wrap Film

  Silostop Bale Wrap Film is a world first new generation bale wrap  film using  oxygen barrier technology. It is a thin (25 micron)  impermeable film that  prevents the entry of oxygen into the silage  bale. It can be used in exactly the  same way as conventional  silage wrap, with the same level of stretch and the  same basic  handling and storage rules.

 Dry matter analysis following storage using Silostop Bale Wrap  Film has shown a  reduction in DM losses of over 40% per bale.  Combined with better palatability  and animal intake, lower risk  of disease caused by mould and yeast and lower  labour costs, this  translates to a significant saving for the producer. For more                                                                                                          information, click here



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