NEW AND USED FEED BINS  02/04/16 3:21:27 PM

Feed storage bins are important in efficiently managing feed on a dairy farm. It is for that reason, that we are Schuld /Bushnell feed bin dealers. We also buy and sell used feed bins for those not interested in buying new.

Schuld / Bushnell : Bins, Silos, and Conveying Systems

New Feed Bins

As a Schuld/Bushnell dealer, we will work with producers to order the correct size bin for each dairy.  Our staff will help producers install the bin and ensure it is running correctly. We also have payment plans available for producers. Click here to learn more about Schuld/Bushnell feed bins.

Used Feed Bins

Because many producers are expanding their herds, they also need to upgrade their feed bin storage.  Often we will buy used feed bins and will sell them back to our customers. If you are interested in a used bin or have any questions, please contact Mike Zutz at 920-901-8053 or at

We currently have no used feed bins available. 


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