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Work with our team of nutritionists to get the balanced rations your cows need.

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Calf Care

Everything you need including a dedicated calf and heifer care specialist to get your calves started right.

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Forage Products

Choose from a variety of quality silage inoculant as well as advanced plastic bunker covers.

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CP Newsfeed

Maximize the corn going through your steers

In this weeks CP NewsFeed, James Downey and Amy Radunz, Purina Animal Nutrition, discuss how to make the best use of the corn you're feeding to your steers and how to process it based on what you're feeding.

Cow comfort drove our decision to go with robots

In this week's CP NewsFeed, Libertyland Dairy discusses how they went from milking 80 cows in a tiestall barn to milking 300 cows with five robots, the challenges they had a different time points in the transition, and their recommendations for herds that are looking at changing their facilities.

Best beef practices from start to steak

In today's CP NewsFeed, James Downey and Dr. Amy Radunz, Purina, discuss how to successfully transition feeder calves to help them get off to the best start after they arrive on your operation.

In the coming weeks, James and Dr. Amy will discuss corn usage and how to maximize profit from your beef enterprise.

Stay tuned! In January, we will be hosting two beef/dairy beef focused meetings. Additional details to follow!

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