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Your milking cows are the foundation of your business. CP Feeds offers the nutritional expertise to keep them performing at the highest level.

The largest selection of feed ingredients in northeastern Wisconsin.

By stocking more ingredients than anyone else, CP Feeds gives your nutritionist the choices he or she needs to put together a ration that provides the performance you demand, and the best use of your dollar. We carry products from top companies, including Alltech, Arm & Hammer, Diamond V, QLF, Westway and Zinpro. Our 8 dairy consultants pride themselves on creating the best value ration program for each of their herds. Using the feed already available on the farm and a variety of additives, they formulate rations to keep cows healthy and productive.


James Downey

[email protected]
(920) 901-6587

Mike Kannenberg

[email protected]
(920) 980-2237

Michelle Klemme

[email protected]
(920) 901-7373

Randy Marx

[email protected]
(920) 901-3777

Brenda Meyer

[email protected]
(920) 901-2056

Tim Pruss

[email protected]
(920) 948-3078

Amanda Krahn

[email protected]
(920) 905-3688


Any dairy operation can use a fresh set of eyes from time to time to help identify areas where improvements can be made. Our team of nutritionists and dairy management experts can help you in a number of ways:

Lactating Herd

  • Snapshot
  • TMR audit
  • Time budgeting
  • Herd walk-thru
  • Forage management
  • Fermentation analysis
  • Bunker density
  • Forage inventories 
  • Economic analysis
  • Income over feed cost
  • Fat and protein valuation 

Extended Resources:

  • First Step – Locomotion scoring
  • Ventilation

Feed Bins

Feed bins are important in efficiently managing feed on a dairy farm. It is for that reason, that we are Schuld /Bushnell feed bin dealers. We also buy and sell used feed bins for those not interested in buying new.

New Feed Bins

As a Schuld/Bushnell dealer, we will work with producers to order the correct size bin for each dairy. Our staff will help producers install the bin and ensure it is running correctly. We also have payment plans available for producers. Click here to learn more about Schuld/Bushnell feed bins

Used Feed Bins

Because many producers are expanding their herds, they also need to upgrade their feed bin storage. Often we will buy used feed bins and will sell them back to our customers. If you are interested in a used bin or have any questions, please contact Mike Zutz at 920-901-8053 or at [email protected]

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