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You’ll find the tools you need to prevent spoilage and manage for top forage quality at CP Feeds.

Forage Overview

Year in and year out, managing forage quality is one of the biggest challenges faced by dairy producers. Every field and every crop is different in terms of weather, forage quality, bacterial pressure, packing and storage variability, and so forth. The forage experts at CP Feeds can provide you with the products and services you need to produce the cleanest, highest-quality and most palatable forage for your herd.

To learn more about CP Feeds’ forage solutions, contact:

Mike Zutz
[email protected]

Plastic Products

CP Feeds has the plastic you need to cover any size bunker or feed pile. We also carry Silostop Gravel Bags specifically designed for superior bunker sealing. CP Feeds offers a wide variety of sizes for both the black and white 5mil- 6mil and Silostop options. Contact Mike Zutz at CP Feeds to order now and reserve the sizes you need.

Silostop One Step

Silostop Max Plus is the ultimate tough and durable oxygen barrier 5 mil cover. It is ideal for those who want to use just one piece of plastic, that offers the same oxygen barrier protection as the 2-step system. The Silostop Max Plus is perfect for windy conditions, commodities, feedlots, or short-term silage storage.


Making use of every tool possible to preserve your valuable forages goes without saying. Along with good harvesting and packing practices, a proven barrier plastic should be part of any complete forage storage system.

However, all barrier plastics are not the same. Silostop is the original barrier plastic, allowing 60% less oxygen transmission than competitors. It has been proven in both independent and university research trials to reduce the oxygen that causes spoilage.

As a Silostop distributor, we have the benefit of receiving products directly from the factory. We have the largest on-hand supply of Silostop in East Central Wisconsin, and we also carry the widest variety of sizes to fit your needs. Silostop now sells larger sizes, including 78 ft. x 1000 ft. and 88 ft. x 1000 ft. We also carry a complete line of black and white plastic products, including new larger sizes.

CP Feeds has grown steadily since beginning business in 2000, including the addition a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse to accommodate our Silostop growth. Because of the geographic reach of our feed delivery service, we are able to deliver Silostop products directly to your farm, anywhere in the state.


These products are available to help protect feed from spoilage and create a better product for your rations.

SiloSolve® FC

(Improved Fermentation and Aerobic Stability) Good management, including the use of a quality inoculant and minimizing porosity, is a prerequisite for achieving optimal silage. SiloSolve FC combines the effects of Lactobacillus buchneri (LB1819), with the unique Lactococcuslactis (O224). This strain has a unique oxygen scavenging ability.
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SiloSolve® MC

(Microbial Control) Clostridia grow in wet silage when there is a lack of oxygen. Silage with clostridia has a strong butyric acid smell and elevated pH, which can reduce palatability. Lactobacillus lactis (SR3.54) reduces microorganisms such as clostridia.
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A versatile inoculant to enhance fermentation and reduce spoilage organisms. Biomax combines Enterococcus faecium (k20602) and Lactobacillus plantarum (6072) to provide fast fermentation of both corn and more difficult to ferment crops, such as grasses.
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SiloSolve® OS

(Reduces Top Layer Spoilage) SiloSolve® OS is a science-based, research proven bacterial inoculant, specifically designed for top layer protection. It has been shown to significantly reduces growth of yeasts and molds in the top layer, and improves dry matter recovery in the top layer. It features a trusted combination of three bacterial strains that accelerates fermentation and improves dry matter recovery, while stabilizing the top layer.
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