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Calves are the future of your herd. Provide them with all of the care they need.

Calf Care Overview

The team at CP Feeds is focused on the health and vitality of your calves. In 2004, CP Feeds added a separate production line dedicated to calf feed only, to prevent even the possibility of cross-contamination with feed for milking cows. Our calf feed mixer also contains special screens that remove excessive fines, so every bag of feed is consistent. We also have a dedicated calf and heifer care specialist whose job it is to provide the best advice possible regarding calf health, nutrition and best management practices. You may reach her directly by calling Amanda Smith at 920-905-3688.


Land O’Lakes® is the recognized expert in dairy calf nutrition; we carry their milk replacer products exclusively.

Land O’Lakes® Cow’s Match®

Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products re-shaped the industry when Cow’s Match® launched in 2001. Since then, they have continued to develop new full potential milk replacers for customers containing proprietary technologies that help achieve a calf’s genetic potential. Products include Cow’s Match ColdFront (26:20), Cow’s Match WarmFront (27:10), and Cow’s Match Jersey Blend Calf Milk Replacers to meet your seasonal needs. Click here for more information

Land O’Lakes® Cow’s Match® Protein Blend

Whey protein has become one of the dairy industry’s most valuable products, and with increased demand for whey protein as a high-quality protein for human consumption, calf milk replacers must compete for a share of the ingredients, increasing costs.
To address this challenge, Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Company made it a research priority to develop calf milk replacer formulations featuring a blend of proteins that save investment cost without sacrificing calf performance. The Protein Blend product comes in WarmFront (28:10) and ColdFront (27:20) variations.
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Land O’Lakes® Pasteurized Milk Balancer®

Land O’Lakes Pasteurized Milk Balancer is specifically formulated for use with pasteurized whole milk to target a balanced level of nutrition and/or milk supply. This formula is fortified with the appropriate vitamins and minerals for calf growth and proper immune function.
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Land O’Lakes® Amplifier® Max

Performance from an all-milk option, Amplifier Max offers the advantages of Architect technology and promotes health and growth, better lifetime productivity, and achievement of calves’ genetic potential. Contains 22% All-Milk Protein and 20% Homogenized Fat. Now contains ClariFly to aid in the prevention of flies. Develop strong, healthy calves by minimizing the impact of stress and disease challenges with organic trace minerals.
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Land O’Lakes® Amplifier® Max Protein Blend

Amplifier Max Protein Blend is a 25% protein, 17% fat milk replacer that was developed to replace Maxi Care Plus calf milk replacer as the performance level protein blend option.
Based on Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Company research, Amplifier Max Protein Blend calf milk replacer delivers a performance level of nutrition and features an exclusive blend of proteins. This blend of proteins is combined in a manner to enhance the qualities of each.
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LAND O LAKES® Healthy Edge® Protein Blend

A full-potential calf milk replacer that includes prebiotics, probiotics and intake-enhancing components formulated to support a healthy gut microbiome.  During times of stress, Healthy Edge® Protein Blend encourages consistent intake. Supports a favorable environment for beneficial gut bacteria for optimized nutrient absorption. Also contains L-Carnitine, which helps optimize the utilization of fats for increasing fatty acid oxidation, boosting calves’ cold stress tolerance.
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Land O’Lakes® Bovine IgG Colostrum Replacement

Land O’ Lakes Colostrum Replacement is the only USDA Licensed Colostrum Replacement. Put Land O’ Lakes® Colostrum Replacement to work for your herd’s future to prevent disease and death losses due to inadequate passive immunity, prevent transmission of pathogens, and improve long-term performance of replacement heifers.
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Land O’Lakes® Electrolyte Complete

Land O’Lakes Electrolyte Complete is designed for prevention of dehydration, hot weather stress and scours. Unlike many other calf electrolyte products on the market, this formula does not contain direct- fed microbials which could lead to d-lacti acidosis. Click here for more information

CP Feeds’ Calf Grain

We know that strong calves build productive cows. CP Feeds offers our own bagged calf feeds at 16 percent, 18 percent, and 21 percent protein.


Dairy Calf Grower containing 16% Protein.


Dairy Calf Starter containing 18% Protein.


Dairy Calf Starter containing 21% Protein.


Buy 12 bags of either CP Calf Feeds or Ampli-Calf Feeds and receive the 13th bag for free

CP Feeds' Calf Jackets

These hand-crafted calf jackets are perfect for keeping young stock warm though the cold winter months.


The calf and heifer care specialist at CP Feeds offers more than just feed recommendations. Additional services include:

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