Get bagged feed and feed ingredients delivered to your farm via regularly scheduled delivery.

Route Delivery

As an added convenience to our customers, CP Feeds created our bag route delivery program. We have three delivery trucks complete with their own forklift to drop off pallets at each farm on the route. The trucks typically run Monday through Thursday and deliver to each farm every two weeks. Click here to see our delivery route map >
  • Orders can be placed during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. 
  • Two days prior to each scheduled stop, CP Feeds will call your farm to ensure an order is needed. 
  • Products for route delivery include all customer mixes in bags and all standard bag items. 
  • A drop box for invoices should be established between the producer and route driver. 
  • There is a $25 service fee for each delivery. 
  • If a holiday affects the route delivery, all routes will be reorganized. Please see our route delivery schedule >

Route Calendar

Below is the current Route Truck delivery schedule:
NOTE: The towns listed under each route are approximate areas. Please call the CP Feeds office to clarify what route you are on. Also see our route map >

*Schedule is subject to change

Download printable route calendar>

Route Map

Click to download the most current route map in PDF format.